What to Wear Everywhere This Summer

What to Wear Everywhere This Summer

As excellent as summer weather is, getting dressed when it’s blazing hot and humid presents a unique set of challenges — especially when it seems like every social event and activity happens during this season, with us in South Africa being on level 1 lockdown rules. Raise your hand if you have ten thousand weddings to go to, and already more brunch plans than you can keep up with.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place you could go to find every single thing you need for every single thing you plan to do this summer? I’m sure you can imagine where this is going…

Here are a few ideas for what to wear…everywhere.


Have a “fabulous,” “sophisticated,” or “festive” wedding to go to this summer? This dress has you covered for all three. It’s special and different, and dressy enough without looking like you are trying too hard. Style it with a pair of platform heels (you won’t sink into the grass!), stacked bangles, and a saucy little handbag.


Just because you’re schlepping all over while running errands doesn’t mean you can’t feel cute! A sweater feels personal and quirky, but is totally comfortable and utilitarian with a pair of matching pants. Bringing along a bag for a big day of running around is recommended — a smaller cross-body to keep your phone and wallet in, and or a larger tote for random things you pick up, or little toys and snacks to keep your kid from fussing if you are a mom.


Ever thought you can ruin a great vacation by bringing along too much stuff? So, when you pack to go away, try and bring things that you can wear a million different ways. No matter where you go, a bold dress is the first thing you should put in your suitcase. This one is great because you can wear it to the beach, to lunch, while exploring a city, or dress it up for a nice dinner.


Getting ready for work when it’s a million degrees outside, but then freezing in your office, is the ultimate drag. A printed top and skirt combo looks polished and professional without a jacket or cardigan over it, but also works with one.


Whether your date night is with your significant other, your best friends, or eating dinner all alone at a bar, a sweet LBD (little black dress) covers all your bases. Wear this one with a pair of platforms, a clutch, and layered jewelry.

~ The Manna Boutique Team ~